ON GUARD! Preventing Back to School Illnesses

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For those of you with school-aged children, you know all too well that it is that time of year where the whole family is more susceptible to illnesses that are caused by the spread of germs at schools. These germs have a tendency to find their way back to your family through a loving kiss or hug. So what do you do to prevent this from happening to your family? Natural prevention is key, here is a solution that has helped my family, and staff, fight germ season!

Recognizing the 5 Signs of Hair Loss

5 Signs of Hair Loss

A woman’s hair is important to her. It is the frame that brings together all of the elements of her face. Hair has a language all its own. It tells the world whether you’re casual or businesslike, playful or serious. So looking down at her brush, and, for the first time, noticing strands of hair can send a woman into a panic. Immediately, she might wonder, “Am I experiencing hair loss, or merely losing a few strands?”

Enhance Your Shine

Do you ever feel like your hair is just dull or really lacking shine? Don’t worry you are not alone. When speaking to women, hair with lack of shine is one of the most common problems women have with their hair. So here are two tips on how to get back that shiny hair you deserve.

1. Use the right kind of brush – A brush that is made with a combination of Mongolian Boar and bristles, will help your hair’s natural oils be able to be distributed equally and throughout each strand making your hair silky smooth.

2. Know what type of hair you have – The texture of your hair is very important when selecting products that will not only repair hair, but also help to add shine.

In the video above, watch as I demonstrate how using the right brush and the right type of product, based on your hair’s texture, will help add back the shine your hair has been lacking.

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

Introducing Our Upcoming Video Series

Throughout the last two months, the Jeffrey Paul Salon team has been busy putting together some exciting new videos for our Blog! In the following months I’ll be revealing these new videos as well as fresh new tips on beauty, hair restoration, inspiration and health and wellness. I can’t wait to share these with you!

To help me unveil these great new tips and educate you further are Jeffrey Paul Salon Hair Replacement Specialists: April and Megan. They’re looking forward to helping me educate my devoted blog readers and salon guests on hair thinning and loss! Learn more about my team at Jeffrey Paul Salon

Remember…Beauty Begins Within…

 – Jeffrey Paul

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A Fresh Start


Have you ever had a day or a week filled with chaos? Every step you make seems to be met by challenge after challenge? All you can think of is, “I just want to wake up and have a fresh startbe able to see clearly and move forward uninhibited toward the goals and blessings that are waiting for me just ahead?”

Don’t worry you are not alone! I found a prayer in the Psalms (Psalm 51:7-15) that King David wrote when he was in chaos and needed a fresh start to lift him up so he could see above the circumstances and chaos in his life. This prayer gave David hope for the future.

Today, take a moment to read and meditate on these verses. As you begin to allow these words to sink into your soul you will see that God is a faithful God who loves you. As you begin to trust in Him, and not lean on your own strength and understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6), He will begin to reveal His faithfulness to you by calming the chaos in your life and working all things together for the good. This will in turn give you the fresh start that you need!

Allow these words to strengthen you and then share them with someone else who needs a fresh start.

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within…


 – Jeffrey Paul

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How I Feed My Hair

I’ve talked about the importance of taking care of the root of your hair. If the follicle (hair root) of the hair is not getting the right nutrients it can cause the hair to grow thinner, go dormant or even fall out. This is why maintaining a healthy diet and finding the right nutritional supplement, comprised of natural elements, can make a difference in keeping hair strong and beautiful while also maintaining hair for as long as possible.

Take a look at my video above as I show you the vitamin supplement I personally use to get the following results:

  1. phyA jump start to healthy NEW hair growth
  2. Fuller, thicker & stronger hair
  3. Stronger nails and reduced splitting of nails.
  4. Improved skin radiance

If you would like to try the Phytophanere Hair & Nail Vitamins please click here!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Your Brain on Breakfast

healthy-breakfast-honey1Dr. Casen, from the Drugless Doctor sent us this post that I think is very important on the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast on your health, and your energy levels! 

A recent study that used brain scans to investigate breakfast’s effect on eating later in the day was presented at the Neuroscience 2012 conference.  Subjects who SKIPPED breakfast were more attracted to images of high-calorie grub and consumed 20% MORE calories at lunch than those who ate breakfast. (womenshealthmag.com/March2013)

Takeaways from Dr. Casen-

1) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (We learned this in grade school everyone!)

2)  Start your day off with protein, this will help you to sustain your energy throughout the day and not spike your insulin levels.  Doughnuts, pop tarts, and Lucky Charms may look attractive but your body and brain will suffer from those choices.

3)  Proper planning is key!  Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy organic foods to prepare for you and your family.

4)  Become label savvy.  On average, women and men who read nutrition labels weigh NINE pounds less than those who don’t.

Thank you Dr. Casen for these important tips! There are so many reason to start your off with at least a healthy snack, even if it’s just for that small energy boost! Check out my Pinterest board full of great, healthy snack ideas here!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

Jeffrey Paul

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DrDr. Casen DeMaria Dr. Casen DeMaria graduated at Life University. While at Life University she completed her BS in Liberal Arts at Excelsior College.
Prior to going to Chiropractic college Dr. Casen got her AS and Massage Therapy license in Saranac Lake, NY. She worked as a Massage Therapist throughout Chiropractic college with an elite sports Chiropractor. Dr. Casen is looking forward to spreading the word of Chiropractic and serving her members at Drugless Doctors with her husband Dr. Anthony.