Summer Treat That’s Tasty & Great for the Heart!

We still have a little bit of summer left, so here is a great recipe for you to try at home. Plus, who can refuse something that tastes good and is good for you?! In my book I have other recipes that are good for your heart and are cancer fighting like this one.

Just use the amazing VitaMix blender to make a healthy smoothie that tastes incredible. To make the smoothie in the video above, you will need the following:

  • 1 cup Strawberries
  • 1 cup Red Grapes
  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • Ice
  • Water

This recipe provides 160 percent of your daily vitamin C and is great at preventing heart disease. This delicious smoothie will help you live long, live well, and live beautiful on the inside and out!

Remember…Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

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The End Of The Itch



Alex is a firefighter who found the solution to his chronic scalp itch and excessive dandruff problem after undergoing a ScalpCheck™ analysis.

If you suffer from dandruff or excessive scalp itch, you’re hardly alone. In fact, certified trichologist Emmanuel Paul of the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center in Fairview Park insists most people have some degree of dandruff or scalp itch.

“The problem is that most leading anti-dandruff shampoos hide the root problem instead of treating it,” Emmanuel says. Although most people associate dandruff with dryness, he explains, there actually are two types of dandruff that result from dry and oily scalps.

“Washing flakes out of your hair doesn’t remove the bacteria and the scalp conditions that cause them,” he says. “The real solution is to properly treat the scalp.”

An itchy scalp and hair filled with noticeable dandruff is what caused Alex Aella, a 35-year-old firefighter, to visit the Hair Restoration Center. Alex was convinced the chronic itching that drove him crazy for almost 10 years had to do with dandruff or dryness. A series of tests using proprietary diagnostic tools proved Alex’s theory wrong. He not only had dandruff, but also had a super oily scalp.

Beauty Tips – Preventing Knots Due to Collar Friction

In this segment, I am going to discuss with you how to prevent those unwanted knots that come from wearing collars. We want you to maintain your healthy and beautiful hair, and this is a tip you won’t want to miss!

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Up Close and Personal

Digital Tools Changing the World


Friends, our world is changing. This digital age has opened up doors that I never dreamed possible, and I am so grateful for it. I’ve been working with some exciting technology, and I can’t wait to use it to share my messages and experiences with all of you!

This new technology will allow me to share even more timely and personal messages with you all. Starting next week, watch for some new posts and videos from me, and then let me know what you think in the comments. Be sure to share this with all of your friends, colleagues, and family members, because there will be valuable content for everyone!

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The best is yet to come!

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Optimizing Hair Growth

160707_JeffreyPaul_5703Here’s how Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, helped one client address the true cause of her hair loss and get her back on the road toward healthy, beautiful hair.

The perpetual itching on her scalp was bad enough. But when Roxie started to pull menacing steel wool-sized clumps of hair out of her brush and bathtub, she made a desperate plea for help to Emmanuel Paul, a certified trichologist at the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, in Fairview Park. As a trichologist, Emmanuel specializes in treating itchy scalps, dandruff, excessive oily scalps and hair loss.

“A few months ago, I had gone through a stressful event that coincided with a loss of hair,” recalls Roxie, a 50-something professional. “Once I got through that period, my hair loss stopped, but more recently, I had another stressful family situation and my hair started to fall out worse than ever and my scalp became unbearably itchy. This time I was really afraid, so I scheduled a hair and ScalpCheck™ to see if I could do anything about it.”

Beauty Tips – What Brushes NOT To Use!

Not all brushes are created equal! If you want beautiful hair, you have to use the right brush. Watch the video above to learn about what brushes you should avoid to prevent damage to your beautiful locks!

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Linsey’s Story – Attachment Method Options

Friends, meet Linsey, one of our former Hair Loss Makeover Winners. After she went through a private consultation, we were able to determine the best solution for her hair loss.

In order to further determine the best custom designed solution for Linsey, or anyone who comes in to Jeffrey Paul Salon, we must determine Linsey’s lifestyle to choose which attachment method would be best suited for her needs.

In the video above I will take you through the various options, as well as some facts, about the two types of attachment methods. These two attachment methods include the following:

Are You Looking To Help A Child In Need?


Each week Wigs for Kids receives hundreds of ponytails from donors looking to help a child in need of a wig. Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, in Partnership with Wigs for Kids, will be hosting a day for volunteers to help us open hair donations letters, sort and rubber band donated hair, and/or do data entry to send thank you letters to generous hair donors. Please join our team, at Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, by volunteering to help us expedite a free wig for a child in need, while also thanking those who have the heart to give their hair!

Saturday, July 30th

8am – 12pm

Location: Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center

Please be sure to register for the event by filling out the form below. 

Watch Vicki’s Solution to Early Stage Hair Loss

Watch the video above to learn why Vicki says, “My experience with this whole process has been amazing! I can’t tell you how much my self-esteem is up and how happy this has made me. It just means so much!”

Vicki, a 55-year-old dental assistant, tried finding solutions to her hair thinning and loss – including wigs. But nothing seemed to give her the natural look she wanted. When Vicki decided to get a professional assessment of her hair thinning and loss, she opened up doors for herself that she didn’t even know existed!

For more information on Vicki’s story, read here.

If you would like to learn more about the right solution for your individual hair loss, please email or call me  to set up a private and personal consultation with one of my consultation specialists. Or, to get your free copy of my Personal Hair Loss Evaluation eBook Guide, which helps determine your loss and best personalized solution, all you need to do is sign up for my blog!

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Summer Style Workshop Is Coming…

You leave the salon, loving the way you hair looks, but the next morning when you go to recreate that look it just isn’t quite the same? Don’t worry, Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center can help!We will be offering a FREE styling workshop. This 60 minute workshop will take place on  Monday, July 25th at 6:30pm. Whether you are wearing hair, using our Trichology services or coming in for regular haircuts and color services this workshop is ideal for you! We will take our guests through some summer make-up tips, styling tips and introduce our guest to some great new products to help your styling routine. Plus, you will have the opportunity to win gifts the night of the event.

In order for us to give more personalized attention to each guest attending, this workshop will be limited to 25 participants.  For registering,  you will receive 20% off any, and all  items purchased the night of the workshop.  So make sure to sign up today and start getting the look you want!

To register please complete the form below: