Are You Beautiful or Average?

Would you describe yourself as beautiful? According to Dove, 96 percent of women wouldn’t. In order to get a closer look at this shocking statistic, the brand headed to five global cities — San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and São Paulo — to capture women considering their own beauty.

As many of you know, I end each of my posts with “beauty begins within,” because I truly believe that it does. I see so many beautiful women whose beauty is outstanding, but hidden by fear of rejection or ridicule. It hurts my heart that these women can’t see what we see, and that’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping them see their true beauty. When life gets you down, remember the following:

5 Things You Need To Do NOW To Get Ready For Bikini Season

summer holidays, technology and beach concept - girls making selSpring break has come and gone and summer now looms on the horizon…and with it that dreaded moment when you’ll find yourself shopping for a bathing suit. Don’t fret, if you act now there’s still time to tighten up before hitting the beach.

My friend, and our outstanding health and wellness expert, Marisa Dicenso-Pelser, shares her five tips to help you get ready for the summer season!

Do these 5 things NOW to quickly get yourself into bikini shape…

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

As individuals, we can be our own worst enemy. It can be easy to hold yourself back and say, “I can’t.” Think again! There are ways for you to get rid of these negative thoughts that are holding you back from being all that you can be, and I want to share them with you!

Realize that nothing can hold you back. This is the most important step. If you don’t believe it, then you won’t be open to the idea of being able to accomplish whatever your heart desires. If you believe in yourself, you are opening yourself up to the possibility that anything is achievable (and it is!).  

Camouflaging Thinning Hair

Spring is the perfect time to learn how camouflaging your thinning hair can work for you. I understand that it can be difficult to hide a bare scalp, especially during the spring months when the weather turns nice and we’re no longer wearing heavy clothing or hats. My camouflaging trick will keep you feeling confident and gorgeous, just like a spring flower!

Now, there are a few barriers when “covering up.”  Most of us are running around on a daily basis, our bodies’ sweat, and with the spring season comes rain. These factors can make it difficult to hide hair loss or thinning. Some camouflage makeups run-off in these insistences, but unlike those other products, the physician-developed makeup I suggest using, actually seals in place allowing you to go about your day without any worry and help you continue looking beautiful on the inside and out!

Want to learn more about the camouflage makeup I talked about in my video above, please email or call me to set up a private and personal consultation with one of my consultation specialists. Or to get your free copy of my Personal Hair Loss Evaluation eBook Guide, which helps determine your loss and best-personalized solution, all you need to do is sign up for my blog

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Save Some Product & Your Change!

Spilled Jar Of Coins

How much shampoo should I be using? This is a question I hear frequently, and an important tip I educate my guests on because people tend to overuse products. It’s good to go through your beauty products and learn how to make them last. So let me help you start saving some product, and change.

More is not always better. Overusing any product does not mean it will give you a better result and could possibly be damaging to your hair…not to mention, you’ll waste your product causing you to spend more money.

Recognizing Early Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss

Looking down at your brush, you notice strands of hair. Immediately you panic and wonder – am I experiencing hair loss? The good news is that there are some signs and questions you can ask yourself that will help determine if you are losing more hair than you should. Being in the industry for years, I’m here to help!

There are a few questions that are essential to ask yourself:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, is there hair everywhere? On your pillow? On your bed?

What Happens When You Donate Your Hair?

Wigs For Kids is my non profit  organization that has been building self-esteem in children for over 35 years by providing handmade hairpieces at no cost to the children’s families. They rely on the hair donations and financial support of people like you. Recently Wigs For Kids had the unique opportunity to have BuzzFeed do a video on one of the most commonly asked questions by individuals who donate their hairs, ” What happens when I donate my hair?” The video above follows the hair donation process from donation cut through the Wigs For Kids Process, all the way to the delivery to a child in need.

To learn more, get involved, or meet some of the kids, please visit Wigs For Kids!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Young Beautiful Woman With Problem Hair

You leave the salon, loving the way you hair looks, but the next morning when you go to recreate that look it just isn’t quite the same? Don’t worry, Jeffrey Paul Salon can help! This month, Jeffrey Paul Salon will be offering a FREE styling workshop. This 90 minute workshop will take place on  Tuesday, March 31st at 6:00pm.  We will take our guests through some fun spring styles, introduce some great new styling products and answer styling and maintenance questions you may have! In order for us to give more personalized attention to each guest attending, this workshop will be limited to 25 participants.  You will only be able to attend by pre-registering for this workshop. For pre-registering,  you will receive 20% off any, and all  items purchased the night of the workshop.

To pre-register please complete the form below:

Beauty Tip: Cocktailing

This is one of my beauty tips that every woman, whether she has a hair replacement system or her own beautiful hair, should know when styling her hair. It’s a beauty trick you’ve seen your stylist do a million times, and in this video I lay out how to use these products to help you create the look you want.

When you leave the salon, your hair is looking fabulous! So why does it seem difficult to achieve the same result at home? Perhaps it’s because your stylist uses the “cocktailing” method.  Take a pea-size amount of a few products, thoroughly mix and mold them in your hands, and disperse them evenly (roots, ends, and in between), this is called cocktailing. Like in mixology, you are using more than one type of product to achieve an amazing result.

Try this beauty trick and you’ll notice that your hair cooperates more and is easily styled. Good luck cocktailing!

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

What Will Your Hair Loss Look Like in 3 Months?

Woman In The Mirror

“I have 20% hair loss due to hereditary. I am 65 years old and in good health. I have heard about laser treatment, Can you tell me the success rate or, would you recommend a different treatment?” ~Brenda M.

Thank you for your question, Brenda! Hereditary hair loss is one of the major causes of hair loss in healthy women. Much like you, many women are looking for a solution for their hair thinning or hair loss. The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no “magic pill.” No matter what the product, service or specialist tells you the only way to grow hair back is if there is a healthy hair follicle beneath the scalp. Once the follicle is gone, it is unfortunately not coming back.

I often ask my guest this question, ” If you looked in the mirror three months from now what will your hair loss look like then?” If you are noticing more than the normal shedding of 80-100 hairs per day then in three months there is a great likelihood that your hair loss will progress even further. The goal now is to make sure your scalp is in a healthy condition in order for hair to grow stronger, faster, thicker and be less inclined to fall. So when you look at yourself in the mirror three months from now your hair loss has not worsened,  and your hair is thicker helping to give the appearance of even less hair loss.