Encouraging inner and outer beauty

Some of my favorite things

This week we’ve talked about taking time to concentrate on ourselves, which we tend to forget at times.  In those times that you need encouragement for both inner and outer beauty, we want to help you.  Here are some tools we think you might find useful – whether it’s internal or external – to help you look and feel beautiful!

The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations  by Joyce Meyer  

We all need those daily reminders sometime.  In this book, author Joyce Meyer gives great tips on some tough problems that we all face from time to time, ranging from self-image to confidenceissues.  This daily devotional will surely help us keep what matters in perspective – living an abundant life one day at a time.

2016 Instant Happy Notes Boxed Calendar

My solution to early stage hair thinning and hair loss

Restoring confidence one strand at a time

While we’ve talked recently about beauty within, now we want to address outer beauty.  As we dive into the New Year, the last thing we want you to feel insecure about is hair thinning or hair loss.  The great news?  I have ways to help!  

One of the best, quickest ways to help with the early stages of hair thinning and loss is my Micro Point Link solution.  This treatment can increase your hair’s thickness by 400%!  By linking a single strand of your natural hair with four new strands of hair, we are able to help give you the look and feel of a full, luxurious head of hair.  

Watch the video above to see how we do this process.  Plus, you’ll be wowed by some before and after pictures!

Who You Are

beautifully made

Too often we are inundated with external messages that tell us who we should be. Pop culture tells us we should be thin and dressed in the latest fashions. Family and friends often expect that we should conform to a belief or career path. The “experts” have published title after title proclaiming all that we should be. It’s rare for these messages to tell the truth: that you’re a beautifully made creation.

Daily habit helpers

Establishing a New Habit

As we’ve been thinking this week about the importance of establishing a daily habit of quietness, reflection, and prayer, we stepped back to think about what makes our own quiet moments special. These are some of our favorite helping tools for quiet time, perhaps they’ll help you too.


There isn’t much in life that music doesn’t enhance, don’t you agree? This is an album of soft, sacred music perfectly arranged to create an ambiance for just the kind of quiet moments I talked about in the video earlier this week. Perhaps you have your own preferred genre, I encourage you to pick a particular album and reserve it just for this quiet time.

The daily habit you need to get where you’re going

This simple practice makes all the difference

Do you ever wonder where you are going in life?  Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a road map, guiding us down the correct paths and avoiding those that would cause disappointment, harm, or trouble? Wouldn’t it be easier to tailor our daily habits and choices if we knew exactly where we’re headed?

While we’re not born with a tangible map to hold in our hands, we are born with the guidance of something else – our Creator.  Instead of the broken puzzle pieces that we would be without Him, if we stop, listen, and trust in Him to lead us, we will find our greatest destinations in life.  With His help, we are no longer broken and jumbled, rather we are complete and will find great blessings.

The daily habit everyone needs to practice

Add this powerful practice to your new year

Pause. Breathe. Pray
January is a popular time of year for pausing to reflect on the year that’s just finished and set intentions for the year ahead. Additionally, it’s a great time to set your sites on your routines – is there a new daily habit you should add? This is the time to evaluate the days, weeks, and months that have passed, to think about what’s working and what’s not working so well; define goals and set action steps to attain them; decide on new daily habits you’d like to establish and a define a plan for incorporating these new behaviors into your life.

Great tools for a great year!

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daily planner reflectionToday is a great day to have a great day…and this is a great year to have a great year! Welcome to 2016, friends!

It’s that time again! Time to set your intentions and make plans for a healthier new year. How has your reflection and planning gone? Did you take some time to think about the past year – about what’s been working and what’s not working so well? What’s been your key learning from the year we just closed? I’ve got some great things planned for this year, I hope you’ll join us each and every week as we bring inspiration and tools for a healthier, beautiful you.

New Year, New You, New & Improved Blog

You are not alone!

Friends, 2016 is a year for change!  A new year is always a great time to work on healthy new habits; here at JeffreyPaulBlog.com we’ve been working on some exciting new content that you’re sure to love. I am so excited to share with you what we have been working on behind the scenes for the new and improved Jeffrey Paul Blog with the goal of creating a new and improved you…on the inside and out!

Watch this video to hear a little more about what is in store…

Beauty begins…

An important inner beauty tip

Beauty begins the moment you decide to start being yourself.
“Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself.” – Coco Chanel
What a wonderful thought to begin the week with – it’s one of the most important beauty tips I can think to give you. Take an extra moment today to think of the many facets that make up the one and only, beautiful you. Whisper a thank you for those qualities. We are thankful for you!

Brow Basics: Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Brows

Closeup beautiful woman with eyebrow brush tool on blue

I spend close to 30 minutes each morning putting on my eyebrows , or at least it feels like it, and I am always concerned that they just don’t look right, are not even or look thin. Do you have any tips to help? – Jacki B.

Jacki, this is a great question and a similar issue  that I believe many women experience every day. How do you get your brows to look good without spending so much time without great results? At our most recent styling workshop, my team shared some easy steps to creating the perfect brow… along with some tips & tricks: