What Trichological Treatments Can Do For You

Let’s be honest, a scalp problem or hair loss, cannot be solved through the use of just a shampoo or a conditioner. However, Trichology can help identify what is taking place on your scalp and through a synergy of targeted products and a serious and complete protocol my team is  now able to fight the major causes that affect our hair and scalp condition. These include:

  • Anti-Dandruff Protocol – Fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with scalp irritations, scalp tenderness, redness, and excessive itch.
  • Sebum Regulating Protocol – Purifies the scalp and frees it from excess oil production that could affect hair metabolism making hair dirty, heavy , weak and thin.

How To Clean Your Hair Brushes

Do you know that a brush filled with hair and product build up can prevent you from achieving your desired style? Do you ever feel embarrassed when you pull your favorite brush out of your purse and it is filled with hair? Ever wonder how to get them clean? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Many of the women I see at my center have a very similar problem. They have some very nice and at times some very high-end brushes, but are just not sure how to keep them clean. My tip for you today not only shows you the perfect tool to help keep your brush clean, but also helps you clean your keep hair dryer helping you to prevent damage to your hair or your hair dryer.

Natural Sunscreen

How To Protect Your Skin Without All The Chemicals

Dark tanned body in summer with sunscreen lotion ** Note: Shallow depth of field

I don’t know about you, but I’m not okay with all those chemicals in sunscreen. Now that I have been blessed with two granddaughters it is important for me to help keep them protected from the sun, but without all the chemicals that can be found in sunscreen.

My friend, and our outstanding health and wellness expert, Marisa Dicenso-Pelser, shares some of her natural sunscreen recipes that have 30 SPF+ that are not only great for kids, but for you as well!

What is Beauty?


“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.  It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

The true secret to beauty is found in this quote; the secret being that beauty begins within and I continue to share this message with women of all ages and from every walk of life. The reason beauty begins within is because the mirror inside of you is what reflects back to your mind in the thoughts you think of yourself.  These thoughts reflect from your eyes, word, and confidence (or lack of) for the world to see you which is how you see yourself.

That mirror for so many has cracks and breaks in it due to life’s experiences and your perceptions of those experiences. As you reflect everyday into the mirror, words are spoken from within you to you like; “I am over weight”,  “I never get a break”,  “I am getting old”,  “My hair is a mop”, “No one loves me”, and many other words of ugly self-talk that you may or may not be aware that you are speaking to yourself.  These words can then become your thinking that reflects in your life and your beauty.

So what is the Beauty Treatment for this? 

Silkening Oil Foam

Now Fine, Color-Treated Hair Can Experience Super Silky, Frizz-Free Style!

Every woman, wants one thing, silky, shiny beautiful hair, however when you have thin or fine hair finding the right product that doesn’t weigh down your hair is not so easy… until now.

7 Hair Loss Myths Dispelled

A red "FACT" and a red "MYTH" sit on opposite ends of a gray board balanced on a gray question mark. Isolated on white.

Perhaps you’ve been noticing a bit of extra hair in your brush lately, and like many you may feel like you are losing your hair based on a myth that you’ve believed most of your life. It’s time to debunk those hair loss myths and find out the reality to what causes hair loss and thinning and find out if you are really losing your hair!

Myth 1: If your hair is thinning, it’s because of your mother’s side of the family.

  • Reality: Actually, scientific research proves that hair thinning can occur from mom or dad’s side of the family. Take a look at your immediate family’s hair. If they are losing their hair, you may likely do the same.

Myth 2: Only men suffer from hereditary hair loss.

OUCH! Am I Brushing Too Hard?

Jeffrey Paul Beauty Tips

Myth: You can never brush hair too hard.


Fact: Excessive combing/brushing or brushing hair too aggressively can cause breakage of hair and lead to premature thinning in hair or in your hair systems. When brushing your hair and hair system there are a few things to keep in mind in order to prevent breakage and excessive hair thinning:

  1. Make sure you are using the right type of brush. Just because the brush may look fancy or someone you know uses it doesn’t mean it is right for you. Here is a list of brushes NOT to use. Don’t know which type of brush is best for you – Take a look here for some great recommendations.
  2. When hair is tangly, especially after a shower, make sure to use a detangling product and a detangling brush to help remove the tangles. Click here for a great video on how to do this.

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

 Jeffrey Paul

How to Naturally Relieve Seasonal Allergies

If you’re having trouble breathing through your nose, you won’t for long thanks to my tip! What’s even better? It’s a natural solution! Since there are gorgeous flowers and you’re spending a majority of time outdoors, seasonal allergies can act up and keep you from enjoying your summer plans.

Essential oils can be a quick and easy cure and get you out and about once again! They’ll give you the ability to breathe and help you gain the energy you need, and may even lack, thanks to your sinuses.

There are numerous types of essential oils that can provide you with a breath of fresh air! My friend Stephanie helped me demonstrate and explain how these assist her when she’s feeling stuffy.

Don’t let sinuses get the best of you – try my trick and you’ll feel better in no time!