You Can’t Wash Away Dandruff


Your itchy, flakey head probably means you have dandruff, but do you really know how to eliminate it? Emmanuel Paul, of Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, has the answer.

The image on the screen reminds Mimi Creative Director Lynn Margalit of plant life in the winter. In reality, however, Lynn is viewing a 200x magnification fo Alex Aella’s scalp — a field of snowy-looking dandruff infiltrating a forest of hair. Alex, a 35 year0old firefighter and father of two, is convinced that his severely itchy head is not caused by dreaded white flakes. His head, he believes, isn’t dry enough to produce dandruff. But Emmanuel Paul, a certified trichologist at the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoring Center, in Fairview Park, has a feeling that he’s going to find the real answer as he begins a thorough examination of Alex’s hair and scalp.

A series of tests using proprietary tools confirms his suspicion. Alex not only has dandruff, he has an extreme case of it. And, Emmanuel says, he has super oily scalp along with it.

“People associate dandruff with dryness,” Emmanuel explains.”In reality there are two types of dandruff, which come from dry as well as oily scalps. Most people have dandruff to some degree. That’s why Head and Shoulders is the biggest selling shampoo in the country.” Unfortunately, Emmanuel reveals, that popular product may hide the problem but it doesn’t fix it. 

The Change of the Ugly Caterpillar

The most rewarding part of my job is watching someone whose self-image has diminished and then is transformed back into a vital, happy, radiant human being. When she looks into the mirror and sees herself as she once was – or as she has always wished to be – the joy in her eyes and beautiful face lights up a room! She’ll carry this confidence with her throughout her life, and she will experience a happiness like never before…both in her inner self and the outer self she presents to others. I have personally seen this happen time and time again, and it’s something that I will never tire of witnessing.

Upcoming Video Series: GHD Styler Flat Iron

What To Do and Not To Do

Because I get so many questions and see so much damage from using the popular flat iron, I wanted to bring back a flat iron series I did a while back to help some of you learn (and as a reminder to others) how to properly use the flat iron to either straighten or curl your beautiful hair. And possibly to even recondition it!

Over the next three weeks, I will be sharing my 5-part video series with you to view and start applying to your own hair to get your best look this season! If you are too anxious, though, and want to see the videos sooner or have a certain technique that you want to try, I will post the links to all videos down below under “Upcoming Videos.”

Wax ONE for FREE?!


Many of our guests don’t know what we offer facial waxing services. We can take care of those bushy eye brows, your upper lip or chin with ease. Our wax services allow you to have longer lasting results, the precision you want and are much less painful compared to plucking those hairs…oneatatime!

This month we don’t want to just tell you that we can…we want to show you! We will wax ONE of your eye brows for FREE! Or, if you prefer precision and symmetry, we will wax both eye brows for $10.

Fun in the Sun!

2 Tips On How To Protect Your Hair in Summer

It’s that time of year – lounging by the pool, soaking up the warmth of the sun, and just enjoying the beauty of another new season. But with all the relaxation comes some extra responsibilityIf you are an avid swimmer or just headed to the beach for the summer, there is a safe way to keep your hair protected from damage and from fading.

I want you to look yourself and live your life, and fear of sun damage shouldn’t interfere with your summer plans! Check out these two tips to help you enjoy the pool and the sun:

And the Winner Is…

Thank You for Your Survey Responses

JP blog 2 winner is...

We asked, and you delivered! We were amazed and moved by the number of responses we received from our survey. After going through each response, we have garnered so many good ideas for future topics. It is our goal to incorporate each of your suggestions in our future posts! From questions about simply wanting to understand more about hair loss to suggestions about desired video topics to inquiries about consultations, we have quite a line up in store for you…thanks to your comments!

While all the ideas and questions presented were amazing and greatly appreciated, we can only select one winner in the drawing.

And the winner is… Janelle P.! 

Janelle’s kind words regarding our videos – both the makeover and educational ones – is definitely appreciated. And she offered great insight into increasing our ability to reach even more people. Thanks, Janelle!

Janelle has won a $100 gift certificate to be used for products or services in our center! Congratulations!

Thank you again to all who participated. We can’t wait to deliver the answers to your questions!

Remember… Beauty & Change begin within,

Jeffrey Paul

Live Your Playlist – Part 2

Andrea Vecchio - A True Inspiration

In case you missed our post yesterday, I recently had the opportunity to interview Emmy-nominated journalist, broadcaster, producer, film critic, speaker, and author Andrea Vecchio. If you didn’t see Live Your Playlist – Part 1, I highly encourage you to do so now (see under “Resources” below). Then, you can enjoy Part 2 in this post.

As you saw in Part 1, Andrea is an incredible person who has overcome incredible obstacles. Overcoming the career, relational, and health hurdles all within such a short time is amazing. It is our hope that you will hear her story of perseverance and strength to help guide you in any struggles you may be facing – whether it’s hair thinning or loss, career or personal issues, or whatever may be weighing on you and causing stress in your life.

Live Your Playlist – Part 1

Meet Andrea Vecchio - A True Inspiration

Andrea_interview_part_2_capture_FINAL WITH BANNER
As I mentioned last week, I have a special guest joining me in this week’s posts! In the above videos, I had the incredible opportunity to interview Emmy-nominated journalist, broadcaster, producer, film critic, speaker, and author Andrea Vecchio. Having interviewed Hollywood’s elite, traveling all over to bring the latest stories, Andrea has now written an amazing book and does speaking engagements around the country. What will amaze you, as it does me, is her story. While everything was seemingly going well in her life, a two-week span caused her life to come to a screeching halt when she found herself in the midst of career, relational, and health chaos.

But her story doesn’t end there. It is not only inspirational but also motivational, as she pulled herself up from the ashes to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. Although she is in high demand, she was able to sit down for a few minutes and have a conversation with me to share her story of heartache, sacrifice, and, ultimately, how we must empower ourselves to live our lives.

Are You Ready to Be Inspired?

Upcoming Interview with Andrea Vecchio - A True Inspiration

We have a treat in store for you! Next week I am gong to introduce you to Andrea Vecchio.  Andrea is an Emmy-nominated journalist who has served as a television broadcaster, producer, and film critic. During this time, she had the opportunity to interview countless celebrities around the world, including such household names as Meryl Streep, Russell Crowe, Robert DiNiro, Jennifer Aniston, to name a few.

While everything was seemingly going well in her life, a two-week span caused her life to come to a screeching halt. She found herself in the midst of career, relational, and health chaos.


Interview with A. Vecchio, author of Live Your Playlist

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Andrea to discuss how she pulled herself up from the ashes to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. Next week we are going to air a 2-part interview series, and I am confident that her book, Live Your Playlist, and her message will resonate with everyone. She talks about all of the hard subjects – dealing with bad relationships, overcoming self-doubt, making huge changes in your life, forgiving others, and so much more.