How to Tackle Hair Loss: Part 1

The time is now to tackle your hair loss and find out how you can find a solution! Treating your hair loss starts at home. The products you use at home will change. The way you take care of your hair and even the manner in which you do many standard things in your life will change to accommodate the needs of your hair. I want you to begin to chart your course of treatment and monitor your needs in order to have the most effective outcome.

About a week before clients come in to see us at the Jeffrey Paul Salon, we have them gather and count the hair that falls out during that week. When they come in, we conduct an analysis of their scalp, the follicles, the openings where hair emerges from the scalp, and other factors, in order to measure and put a value on the stage of your loss so that you can understand the steps you will need to take to alter the situation. If you collect hair you’ve lost and put it in a clear plastic baggie, daily for a week, you can see at-a-glance whether you are losing more or less hair as time goes on.

Hairspray 101 – Proper Use of Hairspray

What’s the key to using hairspray like a professional? Most people don’t even realize that there is a “correct” way! Well, other than using high quality products, the most important factor in hairspray application is the distance at which you are spraying your hair. Why? Because the manufacture creates the bottle to spray moisture for 12 inches. If you are closer than 12 inches, it means you are getting too much accelerant (the ingredient that pushes the spray out of bottle) and residual product on the hair. This, in turn, can cause dryness and those dreaded white flakes.

In order to get the most desired effects from your hair spray product, you need to hold your arm out straight, at approximately 12 inches from your head, and then spray. Work the product into your hair with your hands or a brush, and then spray again!

In this video I walk you through the detailed steps on what you may be doing wrong and show the correct way to use hairspray like a pro!

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Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Four Great Benefits to Having Two Hairpieces

Hair is a fabric. Just like with your favorite outfit or that great pair of leather boots you wear… each fabric has a life expectancy based on the amount of use or overuse you put into it. The same is true for your hair replacement system. There’s no exact timeline as to when someone needs a new system or how long a hair system lasts. It varies on the way you wear and take care of your hair.

For the guest, at Jeffrey Paul Salon, who has selected the extended wear attachment option, the wear and tear that goes into wearing a system everyday is quite extensive. Think about it, even your absolute favorite outfit that you may wear 2 times a week (Don’t worry…I won’t tell!) gets taken on and off. The extended wear attachment method gives the wearer the opportunity to live a more uncompromised life style because the hair system is attached. At the same time, it can also cause a hair system to wear even faster.

Whether you have extensions, an integration system or a full hair replacement system, I highly recommend investing in two hairpieces. Why, you may ask? Here are a few of the great benefits having two hair systems that allow you to alternate each month:

Seeing the Sun Through the Clouds – Staying Positive Daily

Do you ever find yourself dwelling on negative things? Nothing seems to be going right and you just can’t find anything positive around you? Or maybe you feel like you just have bad luck. We’ve all been there.

It is very easy to get into a negative mindset… When negative things happen, we continue to think upon the negative, which sets us up for a vicious cycle of negative outcomes. That’s a lot of negativity!

Philippians 4:8 gives us the best principle to bring a positive change to your life, “Think upon good things.” I have a 3-step approach based off of Philippians 4:8 to help you get out of that slump of negative thinking and get back to seeing the positive light in all things. Here is what you need to do:

Helping Your Hair Addition Stay Secured Long

My guests, or women who have never worn hair before, always ask the same question… “Will it come off?” They want to know if the hair is secure. I have worked for years to find and perfect the best of the best in attachment methods to help ensure that women feel secure in knowing that their hair addition will stay secured even with an active lifestyle.

Here is a tip that will not only help add even more security in between your service appointments, but it will also add  a little extra peace of mind and confidence…

Wellness Series: How to Live Pain Free – Part 4

Your health is something that you really need to think about with a total body approach. One of the areas we tend to forget about when working on our posture is our hip flexors. Because most of us sit in an office chair for many hours a day, this creates a tightening in our hips, as well as our back and chest. In our final installment of this video series, today’s stretches with Mark Roozen will show you a stretch that works on your hip flexors and your back.

Using a stick to help with balance and control, begin swinging your leg back and forth. Be sure to standing tall and straight up. By kicking your leg back and forth, you are opening up your hips and allowing your back to straighten.

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Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Do you Have a Heart-Shaped Face?

Did you know that our face shape can help us determine the best hairstyle choice for us? Do you know what shape your face is? If not, then it’s time to figure it out!

Watch the video above to help you determine your face shape on your own. I also suggest speaking with your stylist to have him or her help you figure our what your face shape is. Once you determine this, your stylist should be able to match the best hairstyle (cut, length and overall style) to the shape of your face. This will help accentuate your most beautiful features, making you feel even more beautiful on the inside and out!

If you’re interested in learning more about which hairstyles fit best with each face shape, I have listed out and described the goals each hairstyle should have and what styles achieve that goal. Click here to see the samples for each face shape.

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Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

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The Benefits Of ScalpCheck™


12-newsPeople around the country are talking about the benefits of having a ScalpCheck™. Thanks to 12 News in Arizona for spreading the word about our center and our ScalpCheck™.

The ScalpCheck is four step process that includes:

  1. Step 1 – Check Your History
  2. Step 2 – Check Important Scalp Values
  3. Step 3 – Physical Scalp & Hair Check-Up
  4. Step 4 – Scope The Scalp & Hair: A specialized video scope with three different lens magnifications allows our certified trichologist, and you to view your scalp on a large screen, in order to help further identify problems and create a benchmark that we can review after treatments begin.

These lenses include:

Wellness Series: How to Live Pain Free – Part 3

Sitting in an office all day hunched over your desk, looking at a computer can really cause back pain. This can actually create a domino effect, as back pain can cause a whole new host of health issues. I challenge you to take care of your back with Mark Roozen’s series of back exercises.

Today, I would like to introduce to you stick squats:

  1. Hold a stick with arms apart above your head.
  2. Sit in a chair position (squat), making sure your hands are still above your head, not bending over.
  3. Carefully stand back up with a straight back.
  4. Repeat this squatted position 5-10 times.

This exercise works on your shoulder flexibility, shoulder rotation, posture, core, lower back mobility, and ankle mobility. This will open your backside up so you can get back to work pain free!

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Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Camouflaging Thinning Hair

One tip to help you feel better quickly is learning how camouflaging your thinning hair can work for you. I know it can be difficult to hide a bare scalp – it’s still nice out, so we’re not wearing hats quite yet. (Although that time of year is quickly approaching!) My camouflaging trick will help you feel confident and gorgeous, just as you should!

There are a few barriers when trying to cover up thinning hair. Most of us are running around on a daily basis, and with it still being nice out, our bodies sweat or we could experience a few rain showers. These factors can make it difficult to hide hair loss or thinning. Some camouflage makeup can run-off in these situations, but unlike those other products, the physician-developed makeup I suggest using actually seals in place, allowing you to go about your day without any worry and help you continue looking beautiful on the inside and out!