Evaluate Your Hair Loss Diffusion

I am often asked how I determine the right solution for a women who is experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. To do this I must evaluate three areas of the guest. These areas include a grad of diffusion, grade of pattern stage, and answers to personal profile questions. This along with a private consultation help me to determine the best solution for a woman.

How to Increase or Decrease Your Hair’s Pliant Strength

Last month I talked about the importance of knowing you hair’s pliant strength and how to determine what your hair’s pliant strength is. Now, together with Jeffrey Paul Salon Hair Replacement Specialist Megan, let us show you how you can either increase or decrease your hairs pliant strength in order to create different texturized looks.

Advancements in Hair Replacement Solutions

JP Seminar Event

Join me and my team as we introduce the latest technology in women’s thinning and hair loss replacement solutions! During this free seminar, see and feel our new Premium Plus hair. You will learn about cutting edge, dermatology approved hair replacement systems using Virgin Hair and products with natural ingredients and treatments that boost hair regrowth, promote scalp health and prevent further loss. 

ON GUARD! Preventing Back to School Illnesses

9.24 Blog

For those of you with school-aged children, you know all too well that it is that time of year where the whole family is more susceptible to illnesses that are caused by the spread of germs at schools. These germs have a tendency to find their way back to your family through a loving kiss or hug. So what do you do to prevent this from happening to your family? Natural prevention is key, here is a solution that has helped my family, and staff, fight germ season!